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LOVE | It's always worth it.

LOVE 💙 | Self-Love Love is a positive emotion and mental state; it does not intentionally hurt. It's one of the strongest feelings one can experience. Love is accepting, forgiving, trusting, and caring. It's an action word shown through expression.  Become one with love. Be in love with all pieces of your being. Love all features of your body; the length of your hair, the scars and wrinkles on your skin, the color of your eyes, your personality, your inner spirit, and your beautiful face. Love yourself unconditionally and without limits. Have fun! Love in the best way you  know how. Treat yourself with kindness. Smile at your-self. Say nice things. Admire your present self as well as the person your becoming. Give time and patience for things you may not yet understand about yourself to be revealed. Enjoy the small things you do and do more of it. Create a bond with yourself. Laugh often. Indulge in your simple pleasures. Love happily!

ACCEPT | You'll be happier.

ACCEPTANCE 💙 | Self-Acceptance The action of consenting to receive or undertake something offered or something existing; to confirm or affirm, is to accept. It is also the action or process of being received as adequate or suitable; to welcome or embrace. In other words, Self Acceptance is the welcoming of who you truly are and giving life to that person (him/her).  It's also called freedom. 😊 Accept your-self and be happy with your decision. Clarity will come as your true self begins to manifest. Allow time for the mind to process all of your being. Peace will enter and fear will exit.  Everyone has a unique story, do not let someone else write yours. Each day we are telling the world who we are by our actions. What do you want to be known for? Confess your own story by living in your truth. Be who you are because you were acceptable enough to be created.

FORGIVE | You'll feel better.

FORGIVENESS 💙 | Self-Forgiveness Have you ever blamed yourself for anything before? Were you at fault? Have you done something to yourself or someone which caused feelings of guilt, shame, or wrongdoing? You're not alone. Most of us have had many experiences with such emotions.  Some of you don't recall or even know why the pressure of guilt surrounds your life. Ask yourself what was so awful, you didn't allow forgiveness. Do you remember? Does the thought cause pain or make you feel less than? Listen to the self forgiveness affirmation and consider a pardon. Wondering when to forgive? Right now. It's time to forgive and understand why you feel such a way so you may unleash negative feeling about yourself, about the situation, or about someone. It's time to acknowledge, absolve, accept, and act accordingly. Acknowledge the emotion or pain (I feel shameful/guilty because...). Absolve yourself (I am freeing myself of...). If you need to cry, cry. If you want to screa

Selfish Mindset | Give Your-Self Peace of Mind

What is Selfish Mindset 💙 A reminding and rethinking process for which is activated through listening to affirmations and/or speaking optimistically to yourself. Positive words promote positive thoughts which in turn will produce a strong sense of self. It's taking control of your mind and creating good energy within yourself.  As a culture, we all endure challenges, struggles, and hardships. Living through such grievances is what make us who we are. Let's rise above all these things through positive affirmations. If it happens to you, no worries, you can bear because it's happening for your good. Life is not designed to be difficult, it's designed for us to love, believe, teach, learn, and of course live. Love yourself. Believe in greater. Live in peace.  Compliment your-self daily. Say nice words about yourself to your-self. Speak goodness into your body.  Don't wait for others to share their admiration. Be the cheerleader of your life!  Create a daily routine to