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Scars | Symbolize your scars.

SCARS 💙 | Scarred-Self  See the symbolism in your scars. Let you wounds represent your willingness. Ask yourself, “What do my scars represent?” "My scars represent my sacrifice, not my suffering. My scars represent my courage, not my weakness. They are survival wounds. Wounds of battle. Wounds of a triumph. Wounds I am not embarrassed about. I am a warrior. I put up a fight, a fight for freedom, a fight for equality, a fight for respect, a fight for my health, a fight for my family, a fight for my life. I’ve been challenged. I’ve been compromised. I’ve been called out of my name. Yet I remain a warrior. I didn’t quit. I didn’t give up. I’ve been through and I’ve came through. My scars are a symbol of hope. My scars are a symbol of strength. My scars are a symbol of my truth. My scars are a symbol of my story. My scars are a symbol of me." This affirmation is a testament of overcoming and having survived a battle, but not limited to a current circumstance in which YOU WILL al