Beauty | Be your own beautiful.

BEAUTY 💙 | Self-Beauty 

Be happy with your beauty, love yourself, and own who you are! You are truly beautiful. If someone says anything differently why should you have to believe it? Know your beauty is everything. Know you are beautiful regardless; regardless of stress, regardless of hardships, regardless of struggles, you are still beautiful. True beauty lives on the inside, anything else is a compliment.

Beauty is a part of who you are. You are beautiful because you are you. You are beautiful because you imperfect. You are beautiful because you are flawed. You are beautiful simply because you were created. You have been personally beautified, deal with it 😃 

No one can take your beauty away from you. Life is more beautiful with you in it. Be your own beautifully exceptional self!

"Beauty residing on the inside is an accomplishment, while beauty displayed on the outside is a compliment. Rise up, don't hide. Show off your beautiful side with boldness and pride. Allow your soul to be your guide."  - ShaTiya Catoe


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