Challenge | Be your only competition.

CHALLENGE πŸ’™ | Self-Challenge 

Are we making the most out of our lives? Why do we worry about what other people have going in their lives? Sometimes this concern with others is the very reason why we are behind in our own lives. We must learn to challenge ourselves. We can change our own lives if we put as much energy towards our attitudes and behaviors. 

Self challenge is setting limitless goals for yourself (which is not confined by your surroundings). It's a challenge outside of your normal bounds aiming to strengthen your greatness. It's the want to change; It's the want to do more; It's the want to do better.

You should only compete with yourself, not anyone else. Focus on managing the issues in your own life. Newsflash: πŸ’¬Everyone has problems. No matter what it may seem like, each person is dealing with something. We process life's difficulties at our own rate and in our own way. A person appearing happy doesn't correlate they aren't dealing with anything. Challenges are all around us, but it's a personal decision to challenge your own self, change perspectives, and reach your highest potential. 

Focus on self. The more energy you have for yourself, the less energy other people can take away from you! Live in the meaningful life you have created for yourself. πŸ˜‰


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